LEGO 4504 Millennium Falcon - Modded

I figured I should post more of my LEGO stuff here. So.

This is the result of my Flail’ing up my Falcon- for those of you who aren’t intimately knowledgeable with AFOL terminology, a few years ago Brickshelf user “Flail” uploaded a set of modifications to LEGO’s 4504 Millennium Falcon. They were extremely good, and ranged from re-greebling the exterior shell to a complete structural overhaul of the ship to make it sturdier and with less gaps.

To make things even more enticing, Flail actually started uploading complete instructions of his mods…but due to a mistake in the front half he stopped uploading after step 39. Thus, many other 4504 owners set to work modding their own Falcons in his style, and reverse-engineering his many complex techniques.

So, this is my attempt at pulling it off. It’s built to be as accurate as possible to the pictures available of Flail’s mods, but I also threw in some of my own modifications (such as the widening of the front mandibles and a new method for the rear engine lights, both features I wasn’t too happy with in the original model). I worked off a lot of groundwork laid out by Flickr users Firespray and Iain (to whom I am eternally grateful for their contributions), as well as lifting the exterior greeble’s from Dugieboy1’s impressive mod.

Some of you may know I’ve been working on this for quite a while- reason being I was uploading the model to Lego Digital Designer, so that once I was finished any future mod’ers could have actual instructions to work off.

You can get the download link and see more photos of the mods at my photostream on Flickr, as well as through ipernity. I hope you enjoy!